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This is a girl I could go for in a heart beat. She is so petite and feminine. I photographed this on my way back from Cuba. I had a lay over in Miami. I called her because she was the only one I really wanted to shoot. I didn't let her know in advance and she had just taken hormones so she couldn't get hard, but who cares. She is gorgeous! By the way guys she loves her toes sucked. When i asked her in during the shoot I saw her cock grow.


Hi I'm Frank...

I've been traveling the world photographing the most beautiful transsexuals in three continents since 2002. I'm a professionally-trained photographer and work with only the latest and the best equipment, including pro-digital cameras, HD video and pro-lighting. Don't think this is all about art though... I'm the horniest photographer of shemales there is, so let me take you on a first hand tour, around the world as my camera gets into Thai ladyboys, Brazilian Transsexuals and the American TS pornstars... big throbbing shemale cocks, spread wide assholes, sloppy blow jobs, tranny dildo play, fetish scenes and more shemale cum than you could swim in. Welcome to Franks experience, of the best of the worldwide shemales.

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Frank shoots over 200 sets a year, massive photosets and the longest, full screen HD video. See who he's been photographing recently from all corners of the world.

More Than: 755 Models | 222,870 Photos | 1,240 Movie Sets

UNITED STATES - The great thing about the USA is it's diversity. I can shoot a hot black tgirl, a cute all-American white shemale, a spicy Latin transsexual and an stunning Asian shemale all on the same trip! Although I shoot in Brazil a lot and Asia, once a tgirl has lived in the USA for ... less than 5 minutes, she has a completely different look and I enjoy capturing that in the photos and video that I do.

Although Los Angeles is still the main area for great looking transsexuals for porn, I've also worked in Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Pheonix, Atlana and Hawaii.

The American models are a very important part of this website and I'm constantly seeking out the top transsexual models as well as new tgirls. You may have seen these models on other sites but I believe the way I work with them gets the best out of them - they look the best and they know that which gets them hard and horny (and ready to shoot dildo and cum shots) that you won't see elsewhere.

JAPAN - A year ago I would have said it was impossible to get a shemale model in Japan. I've travelled there many times and as a gaijin it's near impossible to get near these elusive and very beautiful models. Grooby, as per usual, were the first company (and still the only) to break down these barriers and get a Japanese photorgrapher (Hiro) and actually manage to start a Shemale Japan website.

I was lucky enough to travel to Japan for a few days and be introduced to a few models with whom I was the first Westerner to work with them.

These models are really stunning and special - many of them are celebrities in Japan and I was excited and honored to get to work in this difficult country.

Hiro has invited me back later this year to get many more Japanese models for this site.

PHILIPPINES - I only started coming to the Philippines in 2004 and the one thing I tell everyone before coming here is "It is NOT Thailand!". Seeking out the models is far far harder than Thailand and I've built a network of contacts who help find them for me. That being said, the girls are rather fantastic. They usually don't have a lot of surgery (although more of them are getting boob jobs) but their mix of Asian, Indian and Spanish blood gives some stunning feminine mixes and the fact that they don't take as many hormones, means that they all get rock hard cocks ... and many Filipino shemales have huge cocks.

There aren't many sites on the internet specialising in Filipina ladyboys so I'm proud that I was one of the first to go there and seek out these models.

BRAZIL - I love visiting Brazil and have been coming down here at least once a year for the past 6 years, as well as practicing my Portuguese I've been working with the top Brazilian shemale superstars as well as models that few other websites have. My best frend is Louie Damazo who is known as "the King of the Brasilian shemales" and runs his own sites also through Grooby, he and I have had many adventures throughout many states in Brazil and we go further to get the better models.

Brazil is amazing, it just seems there are countless new transsexuals every year and they really are some of the most stunning you've ever seen from white skinned beauties to sultry dark shemales - the one thing they all have a few things in common, rock hard huge shemale cocks, HUGE asses and an insatiable appetite to do absolutely anything for a sexual kick. Come and see my big ass shemales.

THAILAND - I have a love/hate affair with Thailand. I love to be there but really am ready to get back to the West after staying there for too long - one reason may be all these amazing Thai ladyboys just wear me out.

It truly is ridiculous how many Thai transsexuals there are, statistics shows something like 3 in 10 boys become girls? They are also amongst the most beautiful and passable of any transsexuals, any where in the world. I've taken American friends to Thailand and they've hooked up with a Thai ladyboy without even knowing.

Don't believe what they say about Asian women. These Asian shemales not only can have big cocks but they love having sex and showing off on the camera ... even when I don't want to they insist on fooling around, luckily I have a supply of dildos on hand for them.

The Thai content I show is not like other sites, first I know many of the models intimately so have a great respect for them and that comes across in the photos as you will see them get naughtier on this site, then anywhere else but I also photograph and video them with the highest quality lighting and cameras.

I first came to Thailand to shoot ladyboys in 2002 and have shot 100's of Thai girls in that time ... on second thoughts I LOVE THAILAND.

CANADA - I've only visited Canada once to shoot as it coincided with the Montreal F1 and I tried to snap a few models while we were there. Because of time constraints I only managed to get two but what a couple of cute girls they were and with those sexy French accents, I'll have to get back (if only F1 would go back to Canada also!). I'm planning a trip to Vancouver pretty soon and maybe back to Montreal again as it seems that there are more and more models coming out of there on Shemale Yum, including some fantastic Asian models.

UNITED KINGDOM - I've only worked with a few models in the UK but as I'm planning on spending more time there over the next few years and given the fact, that the amount of amazing looking British transsexuals seems to be doubling each year, plan on seeing a lot more on this site.

The lovely thing about the British shemales, is that they are so, so British! The English rose persona really comes through and their manners and accents are very cute ... however, I have discovered that they are far from being the prudes we would have expected and are amongst the nastiest, horniest transsexuals I've ever came across (pun intended).

Watch out as I take a trip to the UK very soon.

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